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Alamo Biologics partner, Precision Allograft Solutions revolutionized the
sterilization process for biologics. PASCO2® technology provides allograft
tissue with more tensile strength and elastic properties than traditional
methodologies like gamma irradiation.
Precision Allograft Solutions developed Super Critical CO2 process for
cleaning and sterilization of allograft tissues and other biologics.
Super Critical CO2 allows us to create advanced products efficiently to
meet the surgeon’s needs. We are the only tissue bank in the United States
of America with the methodology of Super Critical CO2.



The revolutionary PASCO2® sterilization process relies on supercritical
carbon dioxide to extract unwanted compounds from soft tissues without
compromising their integrity. Balancing the pressure and temperature of
the fluid, allograft tissue is prepared for use in a problem-free tissue
PASCO2® is perfect for sports medicine allografts and other reconstructive
procedures. Tissue is processed to a validated Sterility Assurance Level as
recommended by the AATB and FDA.

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